Olympiaki Akti

Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) is a famous touristic resort town by the sea next to Paralia Katerini, in the eastern part of Pieria in Greece with clear sandy beaches ideal for relaxation and water sports activities. With plenty of shopping stores, traditional Greek taverns and cafes as well as continuous local public transportation, Olympia Beach is an ideal holiday destination during the whole year for families, friends and couples who want to explore the ‘’live like a local experience’’ in Greece.

Katerini, the capital of the Prefecture of Pieria is located only a few minutes away. This is a city full of life, with a large range of stores covering all needs, as well as plenty of Modern Greek cafes, bars and restaurants for all tastes. The residents are always happy to assist you with anything you may need and make your tour even more delightful.

Only 15 minutes’ drive from Olympic Beach, you can visit the famous Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece with 52 peaks and the highest peak is Mytikas, rises to 2,917 meters (Mount Olympus is not only well known for its rich flora with rare and impressive species, but also for the Greek Mythology where Olympus was the home of the 12 Olympian Gods), while a few kilometers away you can visit the Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Theater of Dion that was the «sacred place» of the Ancient Macedonias, as well as the start point where Alexander the Great assembled his armies before beginning his westward wars of conquest.

Should you wish to explore Pieria a bit further and try all the recommended activities and tours such as wine tours, boat trips, mountain hiking, horse riding etc. apart from the available ones in Olympic Beach, try a visit to the Old Castle of Platamon, the Old Panteleimon Village protected by UNESCO, the ancient Livithra allegedly the home of Orpheus major figure in the Greek Mythology and the Ancient Pydna, the most important city in Pieria during the ancient and Macedonian years of Alexander the Great.


Free public parking space only 50m. away from the hotel. Football, basketball, tennis and beach volley courts nearby the property.
Easy access from the national highway E-75 and public transportation available, only 75 km. from Thessaloniki Airport, 1,5 km. from Paralia Katerini, 6 km. from Katerini and 26 km. from Mount Olympus & the Archaeological Museum of Dion, 82 km. from Meteora and 39 km. from Vergina Museum.